Picture framing is a great way to display your favorite art, memories, accomplishments, and photos. They can last forever and add so much when hanging on a wall. However, picture frames are fragile items that should be stored and transported properly to avoid damaging the frames and art inside.

However, picture frames are fragile items that should be stored and transported properly to avoid damaging the frames and art inside.

How to preserve the condition of picture frames?

Before storing your picture frames for an extended period it is important that you clean and cover them to prevent stains and protect against potential damage.

Cleaning The Picture Frames

When planning to store frames for an extended period it is imperative to get rid of dust, dirt, or stains.

Cleaning them carefully with a microfiber cloth is the best way to do it. Make sure not to use too much pressure to prevent accidentally damaging the frame. Paper towels are advised against due to their rough nature and potential of scratching the frames. If there are additional strains on the frame that can’t be removed with a microfiber cloth, a damp cotton ball can be used to spot clean the frame.

Don’t forget to clean the glazing! For acrylic, an alcohol/ammonia-free is preferred. ? For glass, a high-quality glass cleaner can be used. Sprayway Glass Cleaner and Sprayway Plastic Cleaner are the products that we have found the best results with!

Cover Your Picture Frames

Covering your frames is one of the best ways to preserve their condition while in storage. When storing the frames one of the best ways to keep them covered is by using a clean sheet or blanket. Using newspapers is a thing of the past and can damage frames due to the ink transferring onto the frames over time.

The most vulnerable part of a picture frame is typically the corners and they should be reinforced with extra protection. Corners from your local frame shop do an amazing job with this but if you’re unable to obtain any bubble wrap is a suitable alternate.

Place the frames inside a box!

After wrapping the frames one of the best options is to place the frame into a stiff cardboard box big enough to hold the frame. Make sure to pack the box tightly without multiple frames touching each other. If frames must be next to each other make sure that they are facing front to front and with extra padding or cardboard laying between if possible(you don’t want the installed hanging hardware to ruin all the work you’ve done.)


Protect your frames from the environment.

Sunlight, humidity, temperature changes, and water are the enemy of longevity when it comes to picture framing and what is encased within it. Make sure where they are stored in a temperature and humidity-controlled room.

*Avoid storing frames in basements, attics, or garages since these areas are susceptible to temperature changes, humidity, and water damage. *

What else can be done to make your picture frames last?

If you want to ensure the longevity of the artwork, pictures, or other items framed using a professional custom picture framer is your best choice. Having professionals do the framing for you gives the confidence that the framing is done to the best quality and will last a lifetime. They can walk you through and assist in choosing the right glazing, matting, and conservation techniques for the best results.

Final Thoughts

Picture frames are a great way to display your photos and artwork, but they can be delicate and need to be stored properly to keep them in good condition. In this article, we have discussed some tips on how to store picture frames so that the frames and the artworks displayed inside don’t get damaged over time.