• What is a stretched canvas?

A stretched canvas is exactly what it sounds like. A piece of canvas that is stretched over a wooden or combination of wood and metal bars. Stitching a canvas is done by pulling the sides to the back and using staples to make a tight front, resulting in a stretched canvas.

  • Do Artist Stretch their own canvas?

While most artists purchase blank canvases that are already stretched there are many that choose to stretch canvases themselves. It can be beneficial for those who dabble in art to learn how to stretch canvas over stretcher bars, even if not done professionally.

  • Is it cheaper to stretch your own canvas?

Stretching canvas, yourself can reduce the cost but requires tools not found in the everyday household. In addition, unless you are buying in bulk it is hard to acquire the materials at a cheaper cost.

  • How Much Does it cost to stretch a canvas?

While you can do canvas stretching at home with the proper tools many people leave the treatment of their artwork to the professionals. Canvas stretching is all determined by the size of the piece, the size of the stretcher bars, and the amount of time needed to do the project properly. Check out our pricing chart for costs of stretching standard size canvases.

  • Do you have to stretch a canvas?

While stretching a canvas is the most popular way to present canvas art, it is not the only way to present canvas artwork. Canvas can be used to print or paint on for more of a texture purpose and then mounted to a substrate and framed beneath the glass.

  • Is it hard to stretch a canvas? Can you stretch a canvas yourself?

Stretching canvas to most can seem like a daunting task, but it is made simple with the right tools. With the right tools, anyone can stretch a canvas with some practice and patience.

  • Is it worth stretching your own canvas?

Stretching your own canvas can be worth wild to the average person if you already have the tools required. These tools include an Air Compressor, Staple gun, Canvas plyers, and Staples. This can cost upwards of $300 to get started not including the stretcher bars. For this reason, most consumers and artists alike choose to go to the professionals to have their canvases stretched. Professional Grade material can cost exponentially more.

  • Can you stretch different shaped canvases?

Even though most canvases are shaped in a square or rectangular fashion it is possible to stretch canvases in almost any shape. Throughout the years we have stretched oval canvas, triangular canvas, and even square canvas with a strategic hole in the middle. Look at our canvas art gallery for some of the canvases we have stretched over the years.

  • Difference between stretching and framing a canvas?

Stretching a canvas refers to stretching the canvas around stretcher bars. The frame is hidden behind the art and creates a tight setting for the canvas to rest. Framing on the other hand refers to placing a molding around the outside of the canvas, typically after it has been stretched.

  • Why do canvases need to be stretched?

Canvases should be stretched while being painted to ensure the final artwork is not cracked or degraded while being stretched. If a canvas is not tight when art is being constructed upon it, then once it is dried and stretched it can cause the foundation to crack leaving unfavorable results. If it is stretched while being painted on the other hand, after drying it can be removed from the stretcher bars for storage or transport and can be restretched without the same risk of damage.

  • Can you paint an unstretched canvas? What happens if you paint an unstretched canvas? is it better to paint on stretched or unstretched canvas?

While it is possible to paint on an unstretched canvas it is usually not recommended. Once the art is completed and has cured or dried the stretching process can damage the print by stretching the canvas under the art creating cracks or damaging the art unless handled by professionals.