About Edward (Ed) Muñoz

I am a member of Artists of Palm Beach County, The Lighthouse Art Center, and The New Studio for the Visual Arts, all of whom are in Florida. I am also a board member of Images for Conservation of Texas.

I inherited my interest in photography from my father, who did not have the resources that I have but had a love for the art.

I was fortunate to have a career that allowed me to travel all over the world, spend time living abroad, experience different cultures, and visit stunning locals and magnificent sights. From the Great Wall of China to the teahouses of Kyoto, to the living history of old Europe I came to be inspired and in awe of the diversity and beauty of our planet.

I have also endeavored to advance my skills under the tutelage of experts such as Ken Geiger, Pulitzer Prize winner from National Geographic, E. David Luria of Washington DC Photo Safari fame, Professor David Durbak teacher, and professional photographer, and wildlife photographer Bill Gosanski.

My work has been recognized with several awards, the latest being a first-place prize for the 2021 Grassy waters photo contest.

My wife Susan has been my loving partner, travel companion, assistant, model, promoter, and critic all rolled into one. Without her, and the loving encouragement of my four adult children, and eight grandchildren, the inner light that guides my photography would be indeed dim and dull. My hope is that my photography will move people to better appreciate our environment and inspire them to protect and preserve it.

Edward (Ed) Muñoz