Giclee and Fine Art Printing

Experience superior printing services with ArtWorks of Northwood. Equipped with a cutting-edge, state-of-the-art printer and an in-house printing expert, we offer high-quality prints for photographs and artwork up to an impressive size of 44″ x 10′. We understand that printing is a meticulous process, and we are dedicated to achieving perfection with every print. If the initial print doesn’t meet your expectations, we go the extra mile to ensure your complete satisfaction. We are committed to delivering excellence and will print multiple copies as needed until we achieve the perfect result for you. Trust our expertise and attention to detail for all your printing needs.

Metal Printing

Displaying pictures or paintings on metal offers a remarkable and unique way to showcase your art. The process involves transferring your artwork onto a scratch-resistant metal surface, resulting in a stunning visual effect that makes the images appear as though they are floating on your wall. This innovative printing technique surpasses traditional methods, providing an exceptional and eye-catching display for your photographs. Metal printing not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your art, but it also offers durability and longevity. The scratch-resistant nature of the metal surface ensures that your artwork remains intact and retains its original quality over time.

Canvas Printing and Stretching

Canvas printing offers an exceptional medium to enhance the visual impact of your pictures. Our industry-leading printing process ensures that your canvas stands out and becomes a unique piece of art. With our expertise, we can create canvases in sizes ranging from 40″ x 10′ to cater to a variety of needs. In addition to printing, we take pride in our in-house canvas stretching services, ensuring meticulous attention to detail to deliver the finest product. Whether you prefer a gallery wrap or a standard wrap, our skilled team can stretch the canvas to perfection, ensuring a professional and visually appealing finish. By opting for canvas printing, you bring your images to life in a way that captures attention and leaves a lasting impression. The texture and depth offered by canvas enhance the richness of colors and details, creating a captivating viewing experience for your artwork. The durability of canvas also ensures that your prints remain vibrant and intact for years to come.

Printing Pricing

Print SizeArt PaperCanvas PrintStretched CanvasMetal w/ Frame Mount