No two projects are alike! And, therefore, each frame is made to measure, whether it is for a canvas, print, mirror or photograph that you bring to us for framing. Each job speaks for itself and has its own demands. With our many collective years of experience in graphic design, fine art, printing, framing and gallery design, we respond intuitively and creatively to these, bringing out the best qualities of each piece.

At ArtWorks of Northwood, we know that even the most beautiful picture isn’t complete until it is placed in the perfect frame. We also know that, for every picture, there is a frame that is its perfect match. It doesn’t matter how big or small the picture may be, the right frame makes all the difference. Matching picture to frame and frame to wall, we create a finished work of art that can genuinely take pride of place wherever you choose to hang it.

We also strive to make our framing services as affordable as they are creative and versatile. Whether you wish to frame a wall-spanning canvas or a treasured 3.5 x 5 inch photograph, our work will fit your budget just as easily as it exceeds your expectations.

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Custom Art Framing

Do you have a favorite print that you want framed? Or, perhaps a much-loved original in need of re-framing? Whatever image you want to place on your wall, we make innovative use of various techniques and materials to create a final product unlike any other. We not only specialize in complementing and accentuating the finest qualities of your favorite artworks, but we also turn them into conversation pieces.

Our art framing service is entirely customized. We do not make use of standard sizes and, therefore, create every frame to size and from scratch.

Custom Mirror Framing

A mirror need never be just a mirror. The variety of frames available for mirrors will astound you. We can take a plain mirror and turn it into a perfectly designed decor element, framed to suit and beautify its surroundings.

Custom Photo Framing

Whether you want to frame just one photograph, or a set of photos in matching frames to form an eye-catching triptych, or a selection of small photos in a single frame for that beautiful collage of family memories, ArtWorks of Northwood will partner with you to choose the right frame, and then complete the job to the highest of standards.

Whether you’re looking to adorn the walls of your office or home, display your own artwork, save your family photographs from languishing in albums and boxes, show off the new art piece you recently acquired or simply frame a mirror to finish off your entrance hall, ArtWorks of Northwood Framing & Printing’s custom framing services can complete the task beyond your expectations.